EmacsConf 2021 Livestreams

Public Meeting

track timeline (EDT) timeline (UTC) timeline (CET) status
main 10am 2pm 4pm live
main-480p (lower resolution) 10am 2pm 4pm live

Click on the track names above to watch the stream in your browser.

Watching the streams directly

You can also watch the streams in any media player that supports streaming.

track stream address
main https://live0.emacsconf.org/main.webm
main-480p https://live0.emacsconf.org/main-480p.webm

Depending on which media player you use, you may enter the stream address in a graphical user interface or provide it as an argument to the program when launching it from the terminal.


mpv https://live0.emacsconf.org/main.webm
vlc https://live0.emacsconf.org/main.webm
ffplay https://live0.emacsconf.org/main.webm